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Step-by-step instructions are available to help you use this site:

How to View Calendars -Students, parents and employees are all welcome to view calendars.

How to Subscribe to Email Alerts -Students, parents and employees can all recieve alerts when events are added or changed.

How to  Add a Calendar to Outlook -All users of Microsoft Outlook can add EMS calendars to their Outlook calendars. If you use another type of mail program you can still use an iCalendar Feed. Just follow the first half of the directions.

So, you want to submit an event? -Follow the step-by-step workflow on this document. It includes:

  • Help for employees who may submit events to calendars. Here are instructions to add an event.

  • Help for employees whose events require a shared space (conference room, media center, stadium, etc.).  These events must be created through the add-in to Outlook called EMS Room Scheduling. Here is a pdf with step-by-step instructions for using the Outlook add-in.

How to Set Permissions for an Outlook Delegate -Office Specialists who are delegates for administrators can use EMS on behalf of the administrator.

Here are Best Practices for employees using the EMS suite of software.

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